The creative adult is the child who survived
— Ursala LeGiun

ken martin

   Throughout my educational career there has always been the mentality of a chase.  Constantly striving for the next big step, and looking to better not only myself but also my design process and abilities.  This has allowed me to not only reach certain goals, but in numerous occasions actually exceed my own expectations.  This motivation has been the driving force of any project, hobby, or task I set my attention on. 

   As a designer I welcome challenges that force me to test the boundaries of my knowledge and require me to find a solution through alternative means.  Whether this challenge presents itself in the design of a project, or in the limitation of a 3D modeling program, I take great pride in overcoming an obstacle that has "slowed" me down.

   Beyond the realm of architecture I enjoy numerous hobbies and activities. Since an early age I have always been a car enthusiast, both in an admiration stand point, as well as the customization aspect. Being a student of design and creativity has given me an understanding, and an appreciation for the design of vehicles, and the development of the auto industry.