The final design came with the strengthening of previous ideas and truly solidified the project.  The pathway above was changed, but instead of reflecting the linear movement of the site, it looks to puncture it, representing the puncture of the bridge across the river.  The steps into the water also symbolize the connection the pedestrians above have with the site's past.  The addition of the water feature in the entrance of the club is a transition piece between the histories of the site both old and new.  The water on the west side of the site also makes a connection to the undulating graffiti covered walls by slowly enveloping one through the deepening of the water.

    The floor plan takes advantage of the linear movement and creates a path-like organization emphasizing the transition between spaces. In section the spaces are changed in ceiling height to reflect their intimacy.




The design project or problem that I chose as my thesis not only came with hidden challenges; it also presented known obstacles in a light of greater difficulty than originally thought.  When I began looking for a topic and a site to use as the basis of my study for the upcoming program, I started with an area I was familiar with, not because it would be easier, but in fact for the exact opposite reason.  Knowing the area my project was in allowed for me to create a design in a level of detail to surrounding context that gave the overall project a very grounded and plausible feel.

    One of the largest and most rewarding things I discovered happened continuously throughout the design phase.  This was also one of the most frustrating things at the same time and that happens to be the amount of adaptability in a design idea in order for it to work in an already existing structural system.  Numerous times I found myself bending an idea I had almost to the point of recognition in comparison to an original sketch.  However, this did allow for many ideas to be reconsidered multiple times bringing out the strongest of the many.

    Overall the project is the product of numerous failed ideas, re-designs, and changes in program of the space.  Each portion allowed for the strongest design solution to shine through, and brought the entire work together into a believable, and successful thesis.