AP 212 Spring Sophomore Year


montreal art & metro centre.


    Having a project based outside of the United States was something I had never had the pleasure of working on until the Montreal Art & Metro Centre. Traveling to the site was not only beneficial to the project and learning about the surrounding area, but it also gave me the chance to see pieces of architecture and buildings located in Montreal which I never would have known existed. 

    As like the gallery space project, I stepped out of my comfort zone and changed my schedule for producing my final work. In this project, the first thing I completed for the final critique was the model of my design. By doing this, I feel it gave me an immense sense of the spaces I had created. This gave me the opportunity to change my drawings to best fit what I was trying to show. 

    In my design I focused on the height of the building. In the outlying area the average structure was about three stories tall. After noticing this I decided to go with a more horizontal oriented design.