AP 211 Fall Sophomore Year - 2 Projects


poetry house.


Having a site located in Montpelier, VT and within driving distance of the university campus allowed me to visit and interact with the space in which my structure would fit. 

    At the beginning of the design process I was given certain constraints to which my project had to adhere to. One constraint of creating a building ad-hoc style actually gave me quite a challenge in deciding what the building shell would consist of. 

    Having never before designed a building out of recycled material, this project pushed my creative mind to come up with something that was completely out of the norm in the design world. I settled on recycled sails from sailboats as the main shell of the building with recycled windshields as the replacement for the conventional window.  

     The other constraint was using the usage of poems to interpret the theme of the design.  With my project the overlying theme became water and its importance to people.


williamstown library.


For this piece of work I attempted to step out of my normal design process. I did this by designing a focal for my building. In this case it happened to be the staircase/ circulation desk which I placed in direct sight of any area in the library. By placing it near the front of the building in an open area it allowed the flow of traffic to either ascend with it to further reading areas as well as a green roof for outdoor relaxation.

    State of the art computer labs are located on both floors for ease of access and to ensure enough machines for anyone person who wishes to use one.

    As for the facade of the building, I chose a tinted glass in order to let in as much natural daylight as possible without turning the building into a greenhouse. The sunlight coming from the west also highlights the staircase in the mid to late-afternoon.